As a tarot reader, I am tuned in to the overall energy of each card in the deck. I am also tuned in to your own energy field and all your guides at the time of your reading. This together creates a powerful combination, acting as a translator from the non-physical to physical.
My intention is to offer you as much knowledge and guidance from spirit as possible. Making use of and having accessible the tarot deck with its rich symbology and imagery makes it so that the information has many portals to enter through during the reading. Guidance and communication comes through me as the channel with my extra-sensory perception and extends to the cards also.



1) How do I book a reading?

Readings are booked using the booking calendar on the Tarot/Services page. Select a date and time from the available slots and select the length of the reading (either 45 minutes or 90 minutes).


2) How do I make a payment?

After scheduling the reading, you will be sent a confirmation email and directed to make a secure payment through via PayPal or credit card.

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with all instructions on how to prepare for the reading and download the Zoom app.


3) Do you offer refunds or rescheduling?

No refunds are given and rescheduling must be agreed upon by both parties.

Please get in touch via the contact form page with your request and you will receive a response in due course.

Please note: There is limited availability and rescheduling may lead to a delay in your service delivery.


4) Can I record my reading?

You may make an audio recording of the reading using your own devices.

Please note: Audio recording only.


5) What video software is used?

Readings will be conducted via the Zoom app. Please download this app to your device prior to the lesson to avoid time delays. You will receive an email giving detailed information regarding the Zoom meeting and how to join.


6) What happens during the reading?

Prior to the reading, I will have a 15-minute pre-meditation to tune in to your energy field and make a connection with your spirit guides. I am (normally) given multiple messages from your guides, loved ones passed on, ancestral guides, and light beings.

At the beginning of our session, I will ask you to join me in a brief meditation to clear your energy field and settle in. Normally this reading will evoke strong emotions in you and so it is important that you are comfortable and relaxed.

I will give you the initial messages that come through from spirit. We will then be guided from that point on, intuitively, as to whether specific beings in spirit wish to communicate more so. We will then proceed to draw cards from the tarot deck. It is at this point, any questions you have, we may start to look into.

After the reading, we will take a few minutes for feedback, questions and chit-chat.