Lyrans ~ Humans assign all kinds of meanings to their negative experiences and it keeps them in a holding pattern. It keeps them in a loop so to speak, of manifesting the same thing over and over which is vibrationally apart from what they actually desire. Never condemn where you are. That is our biggest advice to you. Allow where you are to be alright, and you will move faster than you can say spaghetti!

Make a list of the things you enjoy doing. Out of that list, what are the few activities you enjoy and/or do the most? Observe this for a while so you can narrow down a few specific activities. As you will see, these things you enjoy doing the most, whether it is physical exercise (like the channel here), writing, learning about a certain subject, literally it can be anything.. is one of the major ways, to discharge energy or in other words to bring you back to the neutral zone. 

It’s not that the activity makes you happy, you are always happy and joyful, as is all, it is the natural state of your’s that your activity allows you to discharge any polarity that would reside in your energetic make up, in other words, release resistance to the natural state of your wellbeing. It moves about the spilt energy inside of you, to centre yourself enough to the degree that you can ALLOW the natural wellbeing to flow. It’s not about things that make you happy, it’s things that are vibrationally enough in harmony with your own unique expression that allow you to come into your natural state of being. That is why different people like different things but the end result is always the same. The consensus behind it, the anatomy of this and how it all works is the same for all of you. 

You have and are a specific and unique expressions of source which makes you you. At a higher level yes we’re all one merged. But for the here and now you are a unique expression with unique tendencies, talents, interests and curiosities. When you do things that ‘make you feel good’ it simply means the vibration of that particular thing and the unique expression of you (which is overall a specific energetic blueprint) are in harmony. They are in tandem. And that particular thing assists you in blending more with your own self, your own unique expression of source consciousness and in that you feel good. 

When you stand in harmony with you are, you are experiencing the natural flow of wellbeing and harmony and love that you are. In love with your own being we would even say.

Pleidians back now ~ As long as there is a continuous outlet, a continuous flow of expelling energy you’re good. Energy is always taken in through the environment, especially for sensitive ones such as yourself, but you needn’t concern yourself with implications of that long as there is a healthy flow of expelling energy, discharging energy and daily bringing yourself back to the neutral zone to allow wellbeing, you are going to be in a state of little or no resistance and more and more allowing.

Your life will start to shift and contour itself more and more to your pleasing. That’s what it’s really all about. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! 🙂 That’s really all the work you need to do, staying more or less in that vibrational point allows the inspiration, the hunches, the inclinations, the opportunities, the manifestations to appear in your reality. Thank you dear ones,  we will leave you with that for now and tell you to go do your activities and enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂


Pleidians ~ When there is a charge to energy that you consciously wish to change…for example ‘I don’t like this, I’m not where I want to be, not really, I am experiencing something that I have resistance to’…there are ways in which you can ‘discharge’ that energy to bring it back to a neutral zone. 

Energy is not going to just needs an outlet of expression. Meaning that, it is vital you create healthy outlets for your emotions, positive and negative so that they don’t create any further resistance in your structure. Because that’s the ultimate goal isn’t it? release resistance so that I may allow the dominant vibration of what I want to fill my being and watch the reality start to shift. And we wish to add here, or reaffirm that a positive or negative charge..neither is wrong and neither is right. They are simply choices, charges and it does not matter from which place you stand or your dominant energy uptakes in one now moment because from WHEREVER you are, you stand in a position where the path is always there for you. 

You are never disconnected from your divine self, even when you feel bad. Positive cannot exist without negative did you know that? It should really be given a different name we think to cancel out this fear or judgement many of you have that it is wrong to be there. Negative charge is the birthplace of expansion. Yes it feels good to be in the positive charge, but there cannot be any more that what you would be currently experiencing if it were not for the negative. Negative charge is simply choice, it is variety, it is experience, and it is your job to learn and train yourself to move through the negative charge, with variety and choices in a state of as little resistance as possible so that you may understand and feel your way into knowing what you next desire to experience for yourself. 

There does not have to be resistance in the negative. That is what you, meaning, humans, do yourself and what keeps you in this space way longer than you would need. You condemn yourself and/or others for being there, you are feeling the wrongness of it, you make it mean that you are even further from your desires, (quiet linear thinking) here.