Achieving goals with the frequency of love.

In society, there are certain character traits seen as the ultimate pathway to achieving goals. We need to be disciplined, focused and determined in order to succeed. While I think those traits are indeed very valuable in our endeavours, I feel there’s a piece missing...

The trine of manifestation.

Choice. Belief. Change Part II It is important to become aware of your reasons behind wanting to change. When you know this, you have the conscious ability to transmute any lower energies. How? Because when you see it for what it is and you acknowledge it, you can...

The trine of manifestation.

Choice. Belief. Change Part I Food and overall diet is an example of a powerful doorway to higher dimensions. It helps you to integrate your higher aspects more consciously in your reality. By ingesting foods that are living, you infuse the body with life force and...

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Tarot reader. Writer. Musician.

From an early age, I have been interested and dedicated to these subjects and now wishes to spread some light to create positive shifts in humanity.



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