In society, there are certain character traits seen as the ultimate pathway to achieving goals. We need to be disciplined, focused and determined in order to succeed. While I think those traits are indeed very valuable in our endeavours, I feel there’s a piece missing that is rarely talked out. 


Doing something and going for something with love. 

Some people think those who are career oriented or focused on tangible material results are superficial. They should care about other things more and to want money or success is wrong. That when they draw their last breath on this earth, they will regret not finding love with another, or simply not giving more to their relationships. 

Here’s what I think and feel with all my being. 

When you draw your last breath, any regrets you have will be toward the things you truly loved but did not act upon. Whether that be a career, relationship, opportunity, it doesn’t matter at all. So with that stance, it’s irrelevant what this regret is, or what area of life it falls into…it’s just about what was calling you that you never went toward. That essence of love. When you meditate on that feeling long enough, you feel things like passion, care, attention, strength and nurture. 

So ask yourself, what is true for you? What at this moment gives you the feeling of passion, what do you want to care for, give attention to, be strong for and nurture?

And once you feel it, don’t let anyone or anything stop you going for it. Let go of anything that does not allow this thing you love to grow. 

I actually equate this with being pregnant. 

Imagine for a minute either you have your baby growing inside you or it’s your job to protect the person who is carrying your baby. Now, everything you do matters. Every choice you make about what you spend your days doing, the kind of people you surround yourself with, your health and what you put into your body..suddenly all becomes paramount. And not in this scary, ‘I can’t handle the pressure’ way, but in a way of feeling responsibility and wanting to step up. You step up because of love.

So tell that person, they make the world better just by existing. Let yourself take a chance on something that feels like the golden ticket. Whatever it is, just let yourself feel that love. Soon enough, that love, that ‘baby’, will start showing you what it needs from you to come and manifest in this world. Make sure you listen and act on it. 

Like for many people, I can safely say there have been many changes in my life. Change of the faces I see, the jobs I’m working, even the thoughts I’m thinking. Yet through all that there’s been one thing that remained true inside for as far back as I can remember . A little light inside, sometimes the only light amidst a sea of darkness. Small or not, I knew straight away it was a real one. The light of my dreams. The dream to do something significant with my life. Something that will impact people in a positive way, make a difference and inspire the masses. Something that will keep me strong, grounded and continue to bring out my highest potential of what is possible for me to achieve in this life. 


That’s my true love right there. Nowadays, I tend to use it as a barometer for all other things in my field. I feel the energy of this love and then compare it to the energy of my relationships with others. It becomes easy to see which ones are supporting love and which are detracting. 

Try it. Think about your love and generate the feeling of it within your whole body by focusing on it. Now think about other things in your life and you’ll see clearly. What is a match and what isn’t. 

When people see me focused on my career, they mock me for chasing my dreams. When they see every small success, they ridicule my new standards. You know what I think? They have not yet found true love. The kind that makes you want be the best version of yourself every single day. And I hope they find it. I wish for us all we have that, because I know loving something makes you your best self. 

With love and light x