Choice. Belief. Change

Part II

It is important to become aware of your reasons behind wanting to change. When you know this, you have the conscious ability to transmute any lower energies. How? Because when you see it for what it is and you acknowledge it, you can discern its validity. Once again, question yourself. Are these reasons coming from a pure place or not? Are they your own or did you adopt them from society, media, family, peers etc? Are they covering up an unhealed wound? 

Question yourself to find the root of intention.

You transmute lower energies by realising you have the power to do so. Lower energy thoughts begin to lose their strength and hold over you, as soon as you start to question them. In questioning them you may realise they make no sense, they’re not true of you, it’s just a past fear for example. Thoughts are not as scary in the light of day compared to inconspicuous thoughts hiding in the shadows. 

Ensure your intentions are loving and not a masquerade.

Note if you are wanting to change yourself to gain something. Something meaning self worth, confidence, attractiveness, love, etc, because with this approach, it is my belief you will never truly find it. No matter what you do or how much you do, you will never truly be satisfied. You may be able to take hold of the good feeling temporarily, or even long term but it will never be enough and you’ll be stuck in a cycle of ‘finding the next thing’. What should I become now to feel better about myself? 

I am not dismissing the power of taking different actions by any means. Different actions do indeed lead to different results. But without the internal shifts, without acknowledging that to manifest the life you choose it is an internal journey first and foremost, your external actions are unsupported. 

If there is no internal shift, then the external changes are fleeting and/or unsatisfactory. It’s a hard concept for some and might appear gloomy at first sight but it actually liberates you. One does not have to spend their life chasing things because there is NOTHING  you can ever do exclusively to make yourself feel better. You are free from the cycle! Your whole motivation for going toward things you want out of life completely shifts. You no longer do it to feel better, you do it because it’s fun, because you feel called to it, because it’s interesting.

Create from within.

If you think it, you create it. That frequency is within you already and you have the capability to stand up and emanate it from your being. You entrain your cells with this frequency by staying in the thought and the emotion it creates as often as possible. The vibrational state is generated from within. It is a false belief that you must chase a condition and make it yours in order to feel a certain way. It is a conditional way of moving through life, coming from a lack perspective and in that lack, creates dependency.

You don’t feel better because of that thing outside of you you now have. You feel better because a thought shifted within, which changed the way you feel. I want you to know you always have the power do to this and when you realise nothing outside of you needs to change in order for you to feel better, you are free. 

Make the choice. Believe in yourself and believe in your actions. The changes internally and externally will astound you! 

Love and blessings dear ones x