Choice. Belief. Change

Part I

Food and overall diet is an example of a powerful doorway to higher dimensions. It helps you to integrate your higher aspects more consciously in your reality. By ingesting foods that are living, you infuse the body with life force and healing energy. This in turn, aids many imbalances making it easier to maintain a high vibration.

But please note, this doorway is one of many. The ‘method’ you choose to improve overall health  and integrate higher frequencies is quite irrelevant. Irrelevant in terms of effectiveness. This is because all approaches contain within, potential to yield positive results. 

It is not so much the type of action, it is the energy behind it. 

Are YOU behind your choice? Can YOU align all your energy with this chosen approach? Do YOU believe in it? That is the most important thing. 

When it comes to manifesting, the ‘work’ is to get on board with your choices. When you believe in what you’re doing you are naturally motivated. You elicit positive emotion from the experience, including the challenges and steadily cultivate a positive attitude overall. You will most likely encounter bumps and blocks along the way and that’s normal. They surface to be healed and integrated, becoming the perfect opportunity to look at your reasons for wanting to change. 

Question yourself. Are you trying to gain something you believe isn’t yours already? The concept of self worth comes into play here.  Are you reaching for an end result so you can feel better about yourself now? 

Change is inevitable. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change. We can’t help but do this so know that in this life experience you’re going to change. In knowing this, you understand there’s no need to force it. Work with the natural inclination to change, to grow, and it will be a smoother, more enjoyable ride!

There is a belief quite prevalent among humans. ‘I must chase my dreams because it isn’t yet mine’. Know this. There are billions of things you could want out of life and you chose this. By virtue of this choice, you have become connected to its end result, its manifestation. When that choice is made, an invisible thread is created between you and that thing. Life then is geared toward catching up to the part of you that’s there already. You don’t have to ‘work for it’ in order to have it. You have it and it is in the process of manifesting from one form to another, from thought to physical manifestation. But if you don’t keep your eye on this ‘new’ ball and make the required changes, it will remain in the realm of thought, a non tangible reality. Like a plant requires light and water to grow, your choices require focus, belief and inevitably changed action to manifest. 

Most people want their choices manifested into being, so the question becomes…

Who do I need to become to transform what I have in one reality to the physical one?

In part II I will discuss how does one allow this journey of change and manifestation become one of joy and excitement!