Sometimes, highly sensitive people trend towards the idea something is wrong with them. Wrong with the way they are and the way they think. From this, there can be a tendency to isolate oneself. I believe this stems from not fully understanding and feeling positive toward their sensitivities and not feeing understood or accepted by others. Sometimes it’s easier to just be alone.

While HSP individuals do need more time alone to recharge, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of forming and maintaining close connections with others. Regardless of our sensitivity levels, we as human beings all need closeness and connections with others. I wouldn’t want that some of you out there hold back from this and all relationships have to offer, because you’re struggling to maintain a balance. If you keep encountering people or are around others regularly, who do not understand or respect your sensitivity, then you must look at your Self. More specifically, how you treat your sensitivity. Do you honour it? do you take care of your wellbeing? or do you feel it’s a nuisance? Relationships with others are the great reflector of the relationship with yourself. By focusing on developing a healthier relationship with yourself and getting to know these parts of you, it will start to shift the other relationship dynamics. You will be in a better position to express yourself to others which will allow more understanding. 

Everyone has their quirks, or things they’re working on or working with. Acknowledging you are highly sensitive and working with it is no different than someone acknowledging they have a bad knee. You make adjustments to your everyday routines to be more comfortable! It’s just the latter appears more acceptable because we can see it. It’s a physical tangible thing and whatever isn’t, is sometimes regarded as non existent. And this is where you and others need to open your minds, some a little bit more and some a lot more.

Journaling is a great way to release and record events you can reflect on later.

So while there may not be anything you or others can see, no marks on you, no physical injuries etc, what counts here is how you feel. It’s what you pick up from your surroundings and what’s left unchecked or unfiltered. Without checking in and clearing yourself regularly from whatever you pick up, it can lead to your own energy becoming clogged. Left like this for a period of time, it can start to interfere with your mental health and overall wellbeing. So making some changes, some adjustments to your life, big or small, being gentle with yourself, knowing this is your gift, that if you learn to use it properly, to listen to it, you’ll reap the rewards, are all very helpful attitudes. Utilising the things you like to do or places you like to be in can help replenish your energy. Limiting your time and attention from places, situations and people that don’t, are things you can start to do more consciously to support yourself. Make a list of these things that you already know and continue to add as you go along. In doing this, you are creating self made tools to expel unwanted energy each day and fill yourself up again with light. 

Start a journal or record yourself regularly whenever you pick up things or feel overwhelmed.

. How am I feeling right now?

. What’s happening in this situation? 

. Was there a trigger? 

. What information am I picking up and what does my sensitivity want to tell me? 

Maybe it’s that the place isn’t right, the energy of the environment or the people, it’s not compatible with yours at the moment. Maybe you need to make some changes. You can do this regarding positive emotions also. Write about or record when you feel really good and in sync with your atmosphere. That way you are collecting information about yourself and your own energetic blueprint and will be guided accordingly. This is something you need to prove to yourself. It’s not enough for me to just say it to you here. You need to show yourself you can turn things around. Your sensitivity feels bad because you’re not listening to it. Everything you’re sensing is there to help you and when you start to listen to it and act more in accordance with it, you will start to feel better and the less your sensitivity will feel like a burden.

Sometimes people just feel overwhelmed with their life and don’t know anything more about how they feel. If this is you, break it down and keep it basic. You want to gradually unravel whatever your senses are trying to communicate to you. Note down parts of the day that feel good and parts that don’t. 

. What were you doing? 

. Who were you with? 

Start with mapping this out for a few weeks and you’ll start to get a picture of what feels good and what doesn’t. Then you can start to ask why. 

. What is it about this I like? 

. What is it about this I don’t? 

If a person is out of tune with themselves, start with the basics.

Stay open and start talking to yourself more encouragingly.

It’s important you keep yourself open if this is you trying a new approach. Humans don’t  typically trust things they don’t know. They also don’t trust fully IN things that offer a result they themselves have struggled to attain. And that’s fine. Because it’s really about trusting yourself. Trusting you are capable of making good decisions, doing your best with what you’ve got, making things work for you, learning from YOUR own life experiences and developing an appreciative attitude toward yourself. Telling yourself positive things that you actually believe. ‘I’ve got this’. ‘I’m open’. ‘I’m willing to try’. You will start to trust IN the things you pick up the more you develop a relationship with it, because it will feel more familiar. The trust however, starts first within and is the original source of all trust in other.  

~ Some tips~

Take a walk and get out in nature to find your centre.

Nature is a great neutraliser for any energetic imbalances within a human. It was designed to be an energy balancer for the planet as a whole. Embrace and utilise it. Sit in a park and breath it in. Go for more walks. The same goes with physical exercise. Find a sport you like or are open to and get your heart pumping!

Find a guided meditation online or simply close your eyes and focus on the breath.

Meditation helps release resistance to negative thoughts. Meditate and state to yourself out loud or internally that you are ready to open up to what your sensitivity is communicating to you. ‘I am open to listening’, ‘I am open to sensing’. You might then experience vivid dreams, hear a voice, word or phrase in your mind after that. Listen to it, follow it. The universe hears you and is communicating back!

You can wear crystals as jewellery or simply keep them in your home to entrain with their frequency.

Crystals help people entrain with the frequency it emanates. Choose one that vibrates on the subject you’re working with. (See the link below). 

Here are some more –

. Stretching and breathing into the body. 

. Being around or in water. 

. Open spaces. 

. Creative activities – whatever gets that juice flowing and makes you feel good

. Be more selective in the people you spend your time with

Go to ‘Channeling’ and read ‘The neutral zone’ for more explanations on neutralising energy. 

-Links for further info – 





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Be well all you sensitive people out there and remember you are not alone! 

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