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Highly sensitive people. They live among us. They walk among us. Often met externally with the phrase ‘you’re too sensitive’ paired internally with ‘I can’t cope in this world’ these individuals are quite a misunderstood community. I hope that in reading this, some myths can be dispelled about the need for these people to change. That any advice to ‘toughen up’ is discarded and any attempts to remove their intrinsic gifts halted. 

In actuality, it’s time for all of us on this planet to start embracing who we are. Loving what makes you you. It’s time to let our freak flag fly, accept and love those idiosyncrasies and honour ourselves as souls here to radiate our own unique light.

My intentions for this blog is to explain some of the common traits I’ve observed in HSP individuals, shared perspectives and how to shift the negative ones to positive. I hope this information will assist those out there who themselves feel highly sensitive or engage closely with one who is. 

HSP – Sometimes the world feels too much because you’re absorbing everything.

Highly sensitive individuals feel everything and take everything in from their environment. They have a strong sense of what’s going on around them, the subtleties of human interactions are very obvious as well as other energy exchanges. Simply put, they pick up more information than the average person. They are deeply sensitive to the attitudes of others. For this reason, they can struggle just walking down the street during rush hour when everyone is stressed out or sitting near a group of people in low vibrational states.

Some other traits include –

. Feeling what others feel, positive and negative

. Assessing individual and collective energy levels almost instantaneously

. Difficulty in large crowds – headaches, overwhelm, frazzled 

. Spot liars and disingenuous attitudes

. Psychic abilities/ extra sensory perception

. Need extra time alone to recharge batteries

. Easily drained from your environments and/or people

Firstly, working towards having a better understanding and acceptance of yourself will enable you to utilise the gifts you have within. Sensitive souls out there are over stimulated and therefore do not feel in control of themselves. They run the risk of staying in a cycle of endless struggle and resistance to the way they are. They tend to isolate themselves more often because quite frankly people and busy environments are too much. But all of this ‘pushing away’ of what is and the attitude of non acceptance keeps you stuck. Not listening to your intuition keeps you stuck. It fuels the fire of whatever negative attitude you hold about your sensitivities and continues to re-create the struggle. A shift in your own attitude toward yourself and all the information you ‘pick up’ is vital to be more at peace on a daily basis.

What would be the benefits of being highly sensitive? 

HSP individuals tend to observe more in social settings.

Well, overall perception is higher. Even in the realms of extra sensory perception. For example, not just hearing with the physical ears someones words, but hearing the person’s thoughts, hearing their spirit guides. Not just seeing the person’s physical structure, but seeing their auric field, images or symbols around them. For some individuals, this is the norm. Someone who picks up generally on what’s almost undetectable by others, would have the advantage of having more understanding and knowledge in any given situation. And knowledge is power. But knowledge without practical application is useless. It is up to the individual to use and trust what they’re sensing and start to see this sensitivity as a guiding force in their life. Not just to improve their own life, but to inspire others too.

What have your spidey senses been telling you? Is there a person in your life that’s secretly struggling? Is your current job not the right fit for you? Whatever it is, now is the time to listen!

In part II, I will discuss some practices that can improve your interactions with others while embracing your sensitivity.

You needn’t expect the whole world, society or the people around you to understand this sensitivity. It’s up to you how you design your life and I recommend you start to do so in a way that embraces and respects this intrinsic quality. Why? Because everything starts with you. Remember, everything in your life comes from within. When you improve your mindset, your attitude, your feelings toward your sensitivity, it creates an energy field that expands outside of yourself. This will influence the circumstances and the people you draw in, more to your liking.

If you are highly sensitive, know this. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. We live on a planet that does not yet mainstream the idea of energy, the non physical realm and that’s okay. The vast workings of our universe reveal itself on its own accord and so do your own gifts and purpose 🙂

Take care everyone!

For more insights, exercises and tips for high sensitivity, start tuned to part II of this blog coming next week!