Tune into your emotions throughout the day to see where your thoughts lie.

I want you all reading this, to thrive and rise to your greatest selves. This occurs when you start allowing a healthy flow of energy in and out of your being. And by energy I mean emotions. Derived from our thoughts and beliefs about all things including ourselves, this is essentially how our world is shaped. Our internal world and our external world. One could then say, there’s no difference between the two, they mirror one another. Our beliefs about all things are lenses we put on everyday and it is wise to regularly check those lenses. Check whether they make you feel good, add to your life, or not. 

Our thoughts create the emotions we feel. We can often tell whether what we’re feeling feels good or not. Though sometimes, emotions can feel more complex than that and so it’s good to think of emotions more so on a scale with ‘very positive’ and ‘very negative’ at each end. It takes a little practise but as you sit more with your emotions you start to discern whereabouts they fall on this scale. From there, you can ascertain whether your thoughts on a daily basis, are more positive or negative. 

The chronic thoughts (wherever they fall on the scale) make up our beliefs because they are the thoughts we think most. They have the most momentum and energy attached to them and I’m sure we’ve experienced things that confirmed those thoughts to be ‘true’. This results in those thoughts becoming ingrained beliefs. It’s a cycle as you can probably tell. We think a thought, we think it again and again and again. Something happens that confirms it. We now ‘know’ it’s true. We believe it. It causes us to think it more and so we create it more. This is good if you’re thinking thoughts that add to your life but not so good when it causes you to excessively feel bad.

What’s important to know is that everything stems from a thought. And you do have control over the thoughts you think. A lot of people don’t know that or believe that because they aren’t practised in the art of thinking more deliberately.

Start replacing the unhelpful thoughts with empowering ones.

If your lenses do not make you feel good or add to your life in any way, perhaps it is time to give them a clean. It might be time to replace them with more appropriate feel good ones. Good working lenses do not mean that there aren’t challenges in your life, or that you never see or experience things you do not like. Life is filled with diversity and we’re always going to be challenged and faced with things that cause us to question. However, there is a big difference in overall perception, between one pair of lenses fundamentally built on the belief ‘I love and care about myself’ and another pair fundamentally built on the belief ‘I hate myself and don’t care what happens to me’. Two individuals could be experiencing the same circumstance and yet because of these different beliefs, they address, decide and learn completely different things. These two individuals could essentially create different outcomes for themselves!

Our ability to move through challenges in life and how we move through them is based upon our thoughts and beliefs. How you feel, i.e the emotions that arise from it all, exist to serve you as a guide of the etheric sort. 

Some questions to consider.

What are your fundamental beliefs about yourself? How do you think they shape your life experiences? Do you love yourself? Maybe you don’t love, but you care so you’re on your way. 

Thinking loving thoughts about yourself will cause a ripple effect of love toward others and the world at large.

Maybe you’re not sure because you don’t take enough time to tune in with the self. Maybe you hate yourself. Maybe you don’t like yourself. I will be writing about this particular topic soon in more detail, to help those of you who are not sure about your beliefs, and offer guidance on how to change any unhelpful ones. For now, you are where you are and as I say, that’s okay.

Take the time to consider the origins of your discomfort.

When you have negative emotions about a situation, check your thoughts. You might have some preconceived beliefs and judgements about it that are unhelpful. In that case, your beliefs and judgements might be disabling you from seeing things clearly. Therefore, you may not have a complete or accurate understanding of the events. 

In another case, let’s say you are aware of your thoughts and beliefs. You are releasing judgements that come to your awareness and thinking more positively. You might then be encountering a situation, where it’s not about changing perceptions you have. It can be the time to accept a situation for what it is. Acknowledge that it does not feel right for you and choose something else that does. 

To sum this up. You want your lenses designed in a way that help you move through or out of bad feeling situations, with as much ease as possible. Your emotions let you know something’s up. Something has to change. Either your lenses or your involvement. That’s it. It’s there to help you, always.